For the first time - a unique transducer for use with Capacitor Voltage Transformers (CVTs) providing an output signal that accurately reflects the harmonic and transient spectrum of the primary voltage.


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  1. Enables accurate harmonic and power quality measurements to be made using CVTs.

  2. Can be used at any voltage level where CVTs are installed.

  3. Accurately measures frequencies up to the 100th harmonic.

  4. Faithfully reproduces power system transients up to 1 MHz.

  5. Is compatible will all commonly used Power Quality Meters, Fault Recorders and Power System recorders.

  6. Allows CVTs to be used for accurate measurement of low frequency phenomena including ferroresonance and sub synchronous resonance.


  1. Eliminates the need for expensive resistor capacitor dividers when making broadband measurements on the transmission system.

  2. Transient measurements and studies can be carried out cost effectively using CVTs equipped with the PQSensor.

  3. Can be retro fitted to many existing installed CVTs.

  4. Can be supplied factory fitted by most of the major CVT manufacturers.

  5. PQSensor installation has no impact on the normal operation and measurement capabilities of the CVT.

The Only Solution That Meets All Your Transmission Network Broadband Measurement Needs.